New York Electricity Comparisons and Ordering Electric Service Online

by admin on June 18, 2010

Ah….New York!  So much culture, history, and diversity!  The richness of this great state is vast and to not fully explore and experience it would be a great shame.  The rising cost of your New York electricity service shouldn’t prevent you from taking advantage of every opportunity the state offers, so ElectricRates wants to help you reduce that bill and let you keep more of your money for the better things in life.

The New York Public Service Commission has deregulated electricity service so that New Yorkers now have a choice in who provides their power.  The details of deregulation can seem somewhat complicated, but in simple terms, you can decide the company you want to purchase service from, opening up a whole new world of competition that will drive costs back down.  You will still actually receive your electricity delivery from your current utility company, so any emergencies or power outages should be reported to them, but your kilowatt hour rates will not be set by them.

Use ElectricityBid online comparison tool to compare the rates of electricity service providers in New York.  If you still have questions, please call 1-800-971-4020 to speak to an energy consultant.  We can help you understand how the process works and connect you with a lower cost provider.

While you are in the process of saving, try reducing your overall energy consumption to help on the bills.  Using dryer balls can cut dry time by 25% and soften your clothes at the same time!

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