Benefits of Shopping Residential Providers

by admin on May 10, 2011

New York electric rate comparisonNew York offers cheap residential electricity rates when you compare these prices with the rest of the country. The reason New York has such good prices on electricity has to do with the variety of power generation that have in the state.

New York gets to rely on hydro power in large part which states like Texas do not have as much of. New York also uses nuclear and coal generated power but the combination of all these power sources gives New York a distinct advantage on receiving consistently low prices for electricity throughout the year.

You can compare prices not only against other states by residents may pick and choose among many residential electricity companies in the state of New York because it is deregulated.

Companies like Con Edison and Spark Energy offer electric rates that are quite competitive when you look at what other companies are offering. The point is you have a ton of options when picking a residential electric rate in New York and also have the confidence of knowing your state has lower energy prices than much of the rest of the US.

You can use our comparison chart to find and compare New York electricity providers in your area. Keep in mind that variable rates can change after the forst month so stick with comparing prices on the fixed rate tab to get a true accurate comparison of New York electric prices.

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